Jan Burton – Blonde Cougar Masturbates In Leopard Print Lingerie & Dark Tan Stockings

Blonde cougar Jan Burton strips down to her leopard print lingerie and dark tan nylon stockings and masturbates to climax in this scene

“I invited a few of my female friends over for lunch today, one of which is a hot mom called Lisa who I really fancy. Knowing she would be there I dressed in a short dress, fully fashioned stockings and six inch stiletto heels, in the hope I could get her fuck me after the others had gone home.

“During lunch I made sure to sit next to Lisa at the dining table, where we all chatted and enjoyed sipping our Chardonnay. I managed to turn the conversation onto the subject of lingerie and used this as an excuse to show the girls my sexy, leopard print lingerie underneath my dress.

“I stood up and opened the front of my dress to reveal my bra, then lifted the hem to show my suspender-belt and legs in seamed nylon stockings. Everyone complimented my sexy attire and the conversation became animated as the girls began to talk excitedly about their own preferences for styles of lingerie and hosiery.

“Sitting down at my place next to Lisa, I continued drinking wine and joining in the conversation, when I suddenly felt her hand brushing against my leg underneath the table. A moment passed. I gave her a subtle sideways glance which she took to mean I approved of her action, then felt her hand slide over my thigh, under my dress. I sat there pretending not to notice anything, but secretly enjoying the sensation of her hand caressing the flesh of my thighs and the tops of my stockings.

“I responded likewise and we both sat there stroking each others legs during lunch, even gently touching our clits through our panties, while the other girls chatted to themselves, oblivious to the little game going on under the table.

“My pussy got very wet and I could feel the wetness of her cunt soaking the crotch of her panties. It was a very erotic experience, and I so looked forward to lunch being over and getting her alone where we could really get down a dirty together.

“After lunch, the girls said their goodbyes and went home, including Lisa who had to rush off to meet her husband, leaving me feeling so horny and desperate to cum.  There was only one thing I could do to relieve myself of my frustration, so I quickly stripped off and slipped my favourite dildo up my dripping pussy.  I was soon rolling around on the living room floor, stockinged legs spread wide open  as I pounded the dildo up my hot, wet pussy. Thrusting the vibrating object deep inside my throbbing cunt,  I screamed as an intense orgasm rolled over me and brought me the relief I so badly needed.”

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